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02 Aug How can Very Peri – the color of the year, transform our homes?
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Very Peri was named the main color of the year for 2022. As the company pointed out, it is the first time they created a new shade for their color of the year, instead of choosing from their pre-exist..
04 Mar Who is Chuck Palu and how did he shape the rug industry?
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Chack Palu is a well-known figure in the carpet industry, having made a significant impact on the world of rugs and carpets through his innovative designs and tireless efforts. Palu was born in Iran a..
04 Mar Creating a Timeless Look with White and Ivory: The Essential Guide to Interior Design
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White and ivory are timeless colors that have been popular in interior design for centuries. These neutral hues are versatile, elegant, and timeless, making them a popular choice for many modern homes..
04 Mar Adding a Pop of Personality: The Trend of Modern & Vibrant Colors in Interior Design
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Interior design is all about creating a space that reflects your personality and style. In recent years, there has been a shift towards modern and vibrant color combinations that bring a fresh and liv..
04 Mar Bringing the Warmth of Wood into Your Home: The Power of Natural Elements in Interior Design
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In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards eco living and incorporating natural elements into our homes. From wood accents to plant life, these elements bring a sense of warmth and tranqu..
05 Oct RESTART: Choosing the Right Interior Design Style for Your New Home
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Embarking on a fresh start in a new home, especially when living solo, is an exciting journey filled with possibilities. It's the perfect opportunity to create a space that truly reflects your persona..
01 Dec Crafting Masculine Sanctuaries
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Crafting Masculine Sanctuaries: Elevate Your Space with Modern Handmade Rugs In the realm of interior design, the concept of a masculine home is evolving beyond traditional stereotypes. Modern men are..
05 Oct Minimal vs. Maximal Interior Design: Choosing the Perfect Handmade Rug
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When it comes to interior design, there are two prominent styles that have been captivating homeowners and designers alike: minimalism and maximalism. Each of these design philosophies offers a distin..
05 Oct Renovation Series: Exploring Interior Design Styles with Handmade Rugs
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Renovating your home is an exciting journey, and one of the most crucial aspects is choosing an interior design style that resonates with your personality and preferences. One often underestimated but..
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